Project: Pipe Pull

Project Description

MCR was tasked to pull 1.4 KMs of Pipe Under the Deep Valley Creek North of Valley View on the Simonette Road.

Services included in this project were 1 – Truck Load to deliver Rig Mats and rigging, 7 cranes FOB to site rigged up with required counterweight and configurations.


What We Did

Myshak Crane & Rigging was tasked to Pull 1.4 Kilometers of 24″ Pipe Under the Deep Valley Creek North of Valley View. Working with Road bans on Simonette Road Kilometer 52, MCR had to drive 7 cranes into site overnight and set up cranes to meet roadban restrictions. The very next day customer rigged up their equipment and was ready to start the pull mid morning, the pull went for 14 1/2 hours working into the night. Job completed was a success and customers expectations were met. Demob happened that night and cranes and mats were hauled out with all rigging. Customer had a drone on site which took some very nice images that captures cranes at work and the valley view scenery. Job well done.


Date Completed:February 18, 2016

Equipment Used:

  • MCR Truck and trailer
  • MCR Cranes
  • 1 - 90Ton Tadano
  • 2 - 90Ton Liebherr LTM 1070's
  • 1 - 130Ton LiebherrLTM 1100
  • 3 - 130Ton Tadano ATF 110G-5
  • MCR- Rigging
  • 7 - 40,000lb Poly Slings
  • 7 - 35Ton Shackels
  • 8x40 Steel Rig Mats

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