105-D Converter Basket Change Out

Project Description

Our jack and slide team was responsible for the removal of the old converter and the Jack and sliding a new 377,000 kg converter and maneuvering it into place as a critical part of the plants turnaround.

What We Did

Our team maneuvered the converter through piping with approx. 2” of clearance using our HT300 Skidding System from Hydra-Slide. We worked day and night shifts to compress the schedule to help our customer succeed their 29-day shut down.


Date Completed:July 11, 2019

Equipment Used:

  • Timber & CLT mats
  • Zoom Boom
  • Spyder Cranes
  • SPMT Trailers
  • HT300 Skidding System
  • JLS 250 Jacking Load Shoes

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