Project: West Edmonton Mall Waterpark

Project Description

Energy Crane was tasked to service old water slides inside Water Park and replace old with new. With limited Room, overhead clearance and side door access for equipment to get inside building, this made Energy Cranes job very complicated. With the right size crane for the job, along with skilled operator and riggers, Energy Crane was able to complete the job on time and safely.

What We Did

Water Park Access was limited and only one door going in, after taking measurements of side door and room indoors to maneuver, we were able to fit a LTM 1070 into building. With a few modifications  to the top of the crane with brackets removed and having to deflate the air out of the tires, Energy Crane was able to get the 41 ft x 13 ft 90 ton crane into the building. Using manlifts with signalmen up in the air and riggers on each end in the slides, crews were able to service 15 slide sections safely and efficiently. See images which show overhead clearance and access inside building.


Date Completed:April 08, 2010

Equipment Used:

  • LTM 1070 (90Ton)