We Adhere to the Highest Safety Standards

At Myshak Group of Companies, we understand that safety, quality and productivity go hand in hand. These systems working as one is what makes Myshak Group successful and marks us as a leaders in our industry!

Safety is an essential element of The Myshak Group. We are committed to protecting our employees, contractors, clients, visitors, and the public from harm and our resources from loss. In fulfilling our commitment to protect both people and property, The Myshak Group provides and maintains a safe and healthy work environments in accordance with legislated, industry and client standards.

Our Guidelines for a Safe Workspace

We at Myshak Group understand safety starts with the people we work with. We are all on a journey of infinite improvement; on the road to our goal of “everyone making it home safe and healthy every day”.

We know we cannot achieve our goal with our safety policies and procedures alone. We will pave the way. But it’s the dedication from the people we work with, who take the time to work safely each and every day; that is the real key to our success!

There is a sense of pride that comes from everyone at The Myshak Group in building our safety success. We choose “Service with Safety”.