Transportation and Haul Services

Myshak Group offer a specialized service making the end users experience more pleasurable. With equipment such as tractors, trailers of all sizes for service and the uses of highway or heavy haul applications. SPMT trailers for oversized loads complete with jack and slide applications and special permitting.this gives Myshak an industry advantage when tackling the largest or smallest of projects.


Our fleet of trucks allows us to offer pickup and delivery of all of our rental equipment from smaller support equipment right up to our largest crawler cranes. Readily available cost effect method to deliver product and equipment.

Reliable Transportation

With our Trucks as well as selected pre approved outside carriers, we are able to extend that service through managing our own logistics for timed shipments or multi-load shipments that may exceed our capacity at any time. Offering standard truck load, over dimensional and extremely over dimensional truckload service are part of our daily service component. We want our clients to enjoy the efficiency of dealing with one company to supply their equipment and logistical requirements but offering competitive rates, superior service and access to our network highly knowledgeable staff with extensive years of experience in our industry. Doing it right the first time, both safely and efficiently and sharing those savings with our clients

Heavy Haul

We specialize in Hydraulic Platform Trailer Movements. We utilize heavy duty prime movers for transport of overweight material. We are only limited in weight and dimensions by what local governments will allow.

Heavy Hauling

We can move equipment over the highway up to 800,000 lbs and can transport up to 1,500,000 pounds on site. We can also move conventional oversized equipment as needed.

What makes us unique is our People- Our genuine commitment to service by high level and valued staff and ownership who have worked in all positions in Heavy Haul Environments. We have a good mix of experience and youthful exuberance and genuinely enjoy a challenge. Our crew is second to none in the industry and our equipment is newer and well maintained. Additionally, we take a very active role in our community. We sponsor numerous local sports teams and support our community wherever we can. We believe it is an honor to be able to perform our business in such a great place where many of us raise our families. Lastly, we only work with like minded, safety first and service based partners to provide clients with an option for all services they may require at the level at which they expect it.

Self-Propelled Modular Transporters consist of different modules with 4, 5, 6 and 8 axle lines. Load capacity differs per version, with a maximum of up to 44 tons per axle line. Each module can be fitted with its own engine and control (steering) system. The modules can be connected side-by-side and/or head-to-tail, to form large ‘platforms on wheels’. SPMT’s have the possibility of 360 degree steering of the wheels. This allows carrousel and sideway movements. Their deck height can hydraulically be adjusted by approximately 60 cm., enabling vertical lifting or lowering of the load. Due to their variety of combinations, SPMTs can lift and move virtually every heavy load. These trailers are mainly used for on-site transportation over limited distances.

MG Transportation is a full-service provider of Heavy Haul Transportation and Rigging operating out of Acheson, Alberta. We take pride in our equipment and all that we do, we have been able to incorporate traditional service-based value with current thinking including solution based, problem-solving values.

Our industry expertise is in the area of specialized equipment using Hydraulic Platform Trailers as our main assent in solution based processes. MG utilizes the most experienced field and management team in the industry to provide exceptional service, with safety being our number one priority in all that we do.

Jack and Slide

The most cost effective and reliable solution for moving loads of any size. Our new, unified Jack and Slide system can effectively move masses with limited space is limited.

Jack and Slide Service

Jack and Slide can be used for moving, setting, weighing, loading and unloading:

In addition to Jack and Slide, our load equalization dollies can be used to ensure concrete surface protection when setting oversized loads into place with cost and time on our side.

A safer alternative to overhead lifting or rollers. No come-alongs, winch lines or holdbacks required. Bi-directional track and skid shoes for skidding in either direction Track will carry loads over unsupported spans with Durable, low maintenance graphite-on-steel slide surfaces. Track sections are available in several standard lengths as well as custom lengths transporting over 500 tons of mass from trailers to pads, moving heavy loads in or out of buildings where there is limited space or no overhead access. Engineered, Controlled safe way to move masses.