Engineering / Lift Calcs / Rigging Studies / Custom Rig Ups (NSM & CWB) / Estimating

Myshak Group has a team of experts who can assist with the planning phase of projects. Lift planning is critical in the field when working near overhead lines, live gas lines, or any in service projects. We can provide assistance for proper crane and rigging requirements, the determination of Center of Gravities and radiuses of heavy lifts, advice for proper equipment needed, site support equipment planning and more.


  • 3D lift Planning
  • Stamped Lift Plans and rigging studies, preliminary studies for clearances
  • Custom Certified, Specialized Rigging and Crane/CLT mat designs


  • Route studies for heavy transportation using high-load corridor and city designed routes
  • Jack and Slide procedures in complex plant environments

Stability Chart Analysis:

  • Support to validate stability charts