Myshak Group supplies to the largest developers across Western Canada.

Myshak Group has a long list of Cranes and Heavy equipment as well as attachments, rigging, Matting, and material handling baskets. We supply Cranes and heavy equipment to the largest developers across Western Canada but not limited too. Other crane providers rent our equipment for it is certified safe and reliable and we have one of the largest crane and heavy equipment fleets in Canada.


The Myshak Sales & Rentals is an industrial & commercial crane supply company with both operated crane equipment and bare equipment rentals available all over Alberta & Northern British Columbia.

Large Equipment Fleet

Our crane line up ranges from 10 ton carry deck crane, to 500 ton all-terrain hydraulic cranes and up to our 660 ton Demag crawler crane. To complement our crane fleet, we offer a full line of site support equipment such as light Boom Trucks, Fuel/Lube Tanker Units, Water Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Tele-Handlers, Gravel & Rock Trucks, Hydro Test Units, Spyder Cranes & Crane Matting Solutions. Maintenance services for bare rented equipment; contractor’s own Equipment; or all the equipment on a project site Myshak Sales & Rentals is the authorized distributor in Western Canada for cranes/ heavy equipment manufactured by Tadano, CARRY DECK, SPYDR CRANE, KENWORTH, PETERBILT, XTREME Telehandlers, MYSHAK LIST ALL HERE offers sales of new and used Equipment as well as parts and service for all makes of equipment we carry.


The Myshak Group of companies has been supplying hardwood crane matting solutions to our customers for over 20 years now.

On-Demand Mats

We also offer small hand / outrigger pads ranging from 12” – 48” round or square in shape. Through these years of service, we have extensive experience in several industries such as Oil & Gas service, Industrial construction, LNG, Plant Site, New Construction, Pipeline / Oilfield construction and forestry. Our crane mats are used in many different applications such as steel modular construction projects, well sites, drilling rig sites, pipeline crossings, camp walkways, tradeshows and more. Our most notable use for our hardwood mats are by our operated Crawler Crane division in heavy lift ground pressure applications.

Myshak mats are available in several different sizes and styles. From hand/outrigger pads ,steel framed rig mats to, swamp matting, to 12” x 12” hardwood heavy lift crane mats, Myshak is the leader in matting your ground solutions.

We manufacture the majority of our crane mats in house here in Acheson, AB. From our standard 4’x20’ hardwood crane mat to our ability to accept custom orders for any size needed, Myshak is able to supply cabled and steel plated mats giving you the right mat for the job. Maintaining a large quantity of each style mat on hand at all times has always been a staple of The Myshak Group. This allows us to supply our customers with any quantity of mat large or small immediately without delays.

Finally, owning our own transport division equipped with step-deck, hi-boy & b-train trailers allows us to offer same day delivery to our customers all over western Canada.


We realized with the need to supply for our own equipment on site just was not enough we needed to supply rigging to existing customers and their customers.

Rigging for Any Setup

As the industry evolved we realized more people were getting into the industry. While more companies had the slings and shackles they never had the proper certifications and equipment the job required. Myshak group lead the industry in the designed & supply of these specialized bars and baskets. Rigging took off and gave us the capability to take on bigger jobs with our extra support and attention to detail. Various sizes of Spreader bars, MOD bars, Baskets, Bins, Dumping buckets all came thereafter. Now we have a large inventory of rigging certified and readily available, with the capability to engineer and design all rigging needs. If we do not have it we can build it and even deliver it. If you have any questions big or small we would like the opportunity to quote you on your next job.

Various sizes, slings shackles, Certified readily available, comes engineered designed for special lifts. We can customize any specialized rigging request.