Lift Equipment for Any Project Size

The Myshak Group of Companies is a group of industrial & commercial crane supply companies with both operated and bare crane and equipment rentals available across Canada. Our cranes range from 3 ton Spyder Cranes, 10 ton carry deck crane, to 500 ton all-terrain hydraulic cranes and up to our 660 ton Demag crawler crane. To complement our crane fleet, we offer jack and slide, a full line of site support equipment such as light Boom Trucks, Fuel/Lube Tanker Units, Water Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Tele-Handlers, Gravel & Rock Trucks, Hydro Test Units, Specialized Rigging, and Custom Crane Matting Solutions.

We have over 20 years of experience in Industrial Oil & Gas (live plant & new construction sites), Industrial Site Maintenance, Commercial Building Construction, Module Fabrication and Windmill Construction, to name a few.

We offer Spyder Cranes, Picker Trucks, Carry Deck, Rough Terrain, All Terrain, and Crawler Cranes of every size. To compliment our crane fleet we offer loaders and telehandlers a with the ability to support our vast variety of cranes and heavy equipment for all lifting needs.

Crane & Hoisting equipment including Mobile All Terrain Cranes:
80 Ton – 300 Ton, Crawler Cranes 80 Ton – 660 Ton with Superlift capabilities, Rough Terrain Cranes: 20 Ton – 160 Ton; Picker trucks 5 Ton – 45 Ton and Site Tractors & Trailers.


Our Operated Crane division offers Journeyman operators for all of our equipment to ensure the safest completion of your project.


Spyder Cranes, 10 -26 ton carry decks, 15-160 Ton Rough Terrain Cranes, to 500 ton all-terrain hydraulic cranes and up to our 660 ton Demag crawler crane.. Our experienced jack and slide division offers a number of industry leading solutions to move over-sized, heavy loads for applications that a crane cannot accommodate. With an assortment of lifting accessories we also offer spreader bars, material baskets, man baskets and custom rigging for all your lifting needs.

With Cranes from 3-660 ton we offer small Spyder cranes which is our smallest crane that can access a building through a mandoor. installing windows, signage or small vessels on plant sites that can not get a traditional crane to access. All the way to a Crawler crane which is our largest Crane which is used for Wind Turbine install, to heavy mods on site


To compliment our crane fleet, we also offer a full line up of site support equipment.

Hydraulic Support Equipment

We offer light boom trucks, wheel loaders and tele-handlers which have a telescopic forklift able to lift loads to heights a traditional forklift could not access. This equipment also comes complete with attachments and accessories such as 8’ Forks, Pipe grapplers, buckets and blades.

Jack and Slide

Our jack and slide team are experts in moving, setting, weighing, loading and unloading masses of various sizes where crane access is limited. This is the most cost effective and reliable solution to move loads where space and access is limited.

Jack and Slide Service

Jack and slide is the perfect solution to move a mass into place safely and securely where crane access would be limited. This process is aided by hydraulics and load equalization dollies to ensure all surfaces are protected. This is a cost effective method used to keep all of your projects on time and on budget.

Bi-directional track and skid shoes offer a safe alternative to overhead lifting or rollers where no-come alongs, winch lines or holdbacks are required. The tracks will carry loads over unsupported surfaces with durable, low-maintenance graphite-on-steel slide surfaces. Track sections are available in a variety of lengths, from standard to custom, for transporting and moving over 500 tons of mass.